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Christoph Putz - S&C

Dacia Vikings

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In his five-year tenure as the Head Strength Coach for the Dacia Vikings Coach Putz has headed and transformed the strength and conditioning program of Europe's largest American Football club. He is responsible for the most important resource that a European club has: its youth development and its over 350 active football players. In addition, he has been running the Vikings Football Academy's (VFA) athletic development and his work with its student athletes is paying huge dividends. For the first time in the Vikings history a player from Austria has been selected for the NFL international player pathway program.

His work with Bernhard Seikovits is a perfect example of his strength program's path to success. In addition to this, he has helped the Vikings produce numerous players that have gone on to have success at the High School and College level in the U.S. He serves and has served as a Defensive Back Specialist, Special Teams Coordinator, National Team Coach and is a National Champion U15 Head Coach. 


2015-present: Dacia Vienna Vikings (head strength coach)

- Vienna Vikings Football Academy (head strength & conditioning coach)

- Dacia Vienna Vikings Youth Teams (head coach & head of athletic development)

2015-18: Team Austria (defensive backs)

2015-18: Dacia Vienna Vikings (defensive backs)

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