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Jarrod James - OL

Arkansas State (2018-19)

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#BreakingNews 20.02.2020 - Due to an urgent professional opportunity, Coach Jarrod James has to stay in the US and won't be able to attend our football assembly! 


Coach James brings 8+ years of experience at the FBS and NFL level. His mission is to use the game of football as a tool to better men's lives by teaching teamwork, accountability, and responsibility. While winning is an immediate objective, he focuses on instilling the leadership skills and confidence necessary for his players to positively influence their families, communities, and career spaces.

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2019: Baltimore Ravens (offensive intern)

2018-19: Arkansas State (offensive assistant, tight ends)

2018: Kansas City Chiefs (offensive intern)

2018: Minnesota Vikings (offensive intern)

2016-17: Minnesota Vikings (scouting intern)

2016-18: North Carolina (offensive assistant, offensive line)

2014-15: North Carolina (student assistant coach)

2011-13: North Carolina (student athlete, center)

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Jarrod James' Clinics:
Leadership (Saturday 1pm)
Offensive Line Play - Run Schemes & Techniques (Saturday 7pm)
Offensive Line Play - Pass Schemes & Techniques (Sunday 1.30pm)

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