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Max Kössler - WR/OC

Dacia Vikings

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Max Kössler is in his third year as the Dacia Vikings OC, but is no stranger to the Vikings way of life. Joining the Vikings in 2007 as a WR, Coach Kössler has worked his way up to the highest levels in football in Europe. He currently serves as the Austrian Men's national team WR Coach, the Vikings Football Academy (VFA) Offensive Advisor and Skill Position coach. He is a perfect example of smarts, networking, and hard work. His goal to become a professional coach is an example for all European coaches. He took every opportunity to learn from those around him, visiting clinics around Europe and the USA. Taking advantage of his networking he landed a spot at LA Valley JC, leading to an opportunity at UC Davis (FCS) as a quality control assistant. His work shows directly in the output of the Vikings WRs. Currently, Bernhard Raimann is a full ride TE at Central Michigan who started in his true Freshman and Sophomore seasons, WR Yannick Mayr and WR Bernhard Seikovits were both invited to the NFL International Scouting Combine 2019, and former Vikings receiver Laurinho Walch was one of the first Vikings to be a paid player outside of Austria.


2019-present: Dacia Vienna Vikings (offensive coordinator)

2015-18: Dacia Vienna Vikings (co-offensive coordinator, wide receivers, asst. strength coach)

2017: University of California, Davis (special teams quality control, tight ends)

2016: Los Angeles Valley College (offense assistant, wide receivers)

2015-presemt: Team Austria (wide receivers)

2015-presemt: Vienna Vikings Football Academy (head offensive advisor, asst. strength coach)

2008-present: Dacia Vienna Vikings Youth Program (head coach, coordinator, position coach)

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