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Sunday, February 23: SCHEDULE DAY 3

Aktualisiert: 20. Feb. 2020

We are closing the 1st Annual Vienna Football Assembly on Sunday with six parallel clinic sessions in the morning and a Coaches Panel in the afternoon.




Clinic #7: Christoph Putz Strength & Conditioning - Evidence based Amateur S&C program

Clinic #9: Drew Lieberman

WR Play - Creating Plans at the line of scrimmage


Clinic #11: Stacy Collins

Defensive Scheme - TBA

Clinic #10: Max Sommer RPO Offensive Line Play - Scheme


Clinic #8: Max Koessler

Offensive Scheme - RPO & Quick Passing Game

Clinic #12: Drew Lieberman WR Play - Breakpoints & Separation techniques


Lunch Break


Coaches Panel with Drew Lieberman, Stacy Collins & Chris Calaycay Panel Moderation: Kiki Klepsch


Good Bye

Venue: JUFA Hotel Vienna, Mautner Markhof Gasse 50, 1110 Wien

Anything the Vikings do is done at the highest level and with the utmost professionalism. I expect the Raise The Standard clinic to be no different! Looks to be a great mix of highly qualified American Coaches along with one of the top European Staffs working in Europe today! (Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns Head Coach Jordan Newman)

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