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Terms & Conditions

Behavior at the Ravelin Sports Facility:

  1. Participation at the camp is at your own risk

  2. The organizers are not responsible for harm caused to you or your possessions by a third party (exclusion of liability).

  3. Parents are responsible for their kids

  4. You have to act in a way that does not hurt, threat, hinder or bother anyone.

  5. You have to obey the instruction by the facility manger and/or coaches at all time

  6. To play on the grass and turf field with/without a ball is at your own risk

  7. For security reasons and to prevent injuries spectators are not allowed to cross the barricade while the camp is in progress

  8. To walk on the sidewalk inside the facility while covered in snow and/or ice is at your own risk


You are not allowed:


  1. to climb on or over any buildings, trees, lighting systems, masts of all kinds, fences, walls,

  2. to light a fire, to burn anything or to start fire fireworks or flares

  3. to label, paint or glue anything on the facility 

  4. to smoke on the facility except in the catering area

  5. to chew gum or tobacco on the turf field

  6. to bring your dog on the facility.


Exploitation & Media Rights:


  • Every participant at the camp and/or clinic agrees to the use of all recordings that are made of him/her. Every person participating at the camp and/or clinic agrees that he or she can get filmed, photographed, recorded free of charge by the organizers and/or photographer of the camp. The organizers and/or photographer of the camp are also allowed to use those recordings and pictures free of charge.

  • Every person participating at the camp and/or clinic is allowed to film and record for their private use. They are not allowed to spread their recordings through the internet, radio or television. However, if the organizers of the camp and/or clinic give them permission, they are allowed to spread their recordings and pictures.

  • If a television station records anything during the camp and/or clinic all participants agree to give the TV station the permission to use those recordings free of charge.

  • Additionally, §54 Abs. 5 SPG (The police is allowed to use recordings to prevent or investigate crimes.) apply.


People who violate those rules can be banned from the camp and/or clinic without being reimbursed.

In case of a noshow the ticket will not be reimbursed.

The data you provide us with in order to register for Raise The Standard - The 1st Vienna Football Assembly will not be given forward to any third party. The data will only be used by the organizers for internal, administrative issues. For further info about legal notice & our private policy visit 

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